Park Rules

Here at Breezy Oaks, we want to make sure your stay with us is enjoyable and peaceful. We have set certain standards not to constrain you, but to protect you. So please rest and relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery our park has to offer.

1. Only 1 unit per site is allowed, two people per RV. If you have overnight visitors, the fee is $3.00 per person per night. All overnight guests must be registered at the office upon their arrival. No more than 4 visitors at a time, including a maximum of 2 children. 

2. Visiting children must be under the tenant’s supervision at all times. No skateboarding, roller-skating, rollerblading, ball playing, etc. Tenant must always be present with any visitors at the pool and watch children carefully. All our facilities and activities are for registered tenants and guests only; day visitors cannot be accommodated at any of our facilities or activities. 

3. Quiet time is from 10 PM to 8 AM. No “noisy”work on Sunday (like hammering, sawing, drilling, etc.). No profane language disorderly conduct, or loud music at any time. 

4. Proper swim attire is required for all swimmers and is subject to approval by park management. Attire deemed offensive or inappropriate will not be allowed. Visiting babies and toddlers must wear a waterproof swim diaper. (Please see posted pool rules.) 

5. All buildings and pool deck are no-smoking areas. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Firearms and fireworks are not permitted. 

6. Speed limit is 5 MPH. Strictly enforced. Drive on roads only, never park on or cross a lot, occupied or not. 

7. Be considerate of your neighbors, do not walk across sites. 

8. Pets are allowed but are to be taken care of properly. All pets must be registered at the park office and all shots must be current. Pets cannot be tied up outside of RV and/or left unattended. Aggressive or barking dogs will not be permitted. Dogs must be walked with a leash no longer than 6ft. All pet droppings must be immediately picked up, bagged and disposed of properly. 

9. Only umbrella type clotheslines are permitted. No clotheslines between trees.

10. No dishwashing in restrooms or laundry.

11. Positive seal required around sewer hose to eliminate odor. All garbage must be in plastic bags before depositing in trash containers. No dumping of any hazardous liquids on ground or in sewer. No stakes or anchors of any kind in ground unless approved by management. No construction of any kind unless approved by management and permit obtained by County Building Department.

12. Deposit varies based on length of stay. 30 day notice prior to date of arrival to be eligible for deposit refund. No refund for early departures.

13. Management assumes no liability for personal injury, theft, or fire damage to car, RV, or pets. Management may update rules from time to time for the welfare and enjoyment of all guests.

Deposit and Cancellation Refund Policy

Reservation length and amount of deposit:

Daily – requires the first-night deposit.  Payment in full for the remainder of reservation due at time of arrival. 

Weekly – $50 deposit.  Remaining balance due at time of arrival.

One Month – $100 deposit.  Will go towards the remaining balance which is due at time of arrival.

Monthly – $100 deposit.  This deposit will remain on file as an electric deposit until checkout.

Reservation change / Cancellation policy: 

Changes to dates of reservations will be accommodated if space is available at no charge. 

Cancellations up to 30 days prior to scheduled stay, full refund minus a $10 service fee. 

Cancellations within 30 days prior to stay will be handled on a case by case basis but generally will be refunded minus a $10 service fee.


Must abide by all requests and rules as set forth in writing and by management and/or staff. 

Rates and rules subject to change without notice. 

Daily and weekly rates include electric, total amount due at time of reservation. 

All rates based on up to 2 people. 

No refunds for early departure, rents not transferable. 

Returned check charge $35.00. 

Late fee: 10% per month on unpaid balances 5 days after due date. 

Guest Fees: Seasonal and yearly residents are allowed 2 weeks no charge for overnight guests, after 2 weeks and all other over-night guests will be charged $3.00 per day.